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thick has always been a big turn off for me unless its pregnancy kinda thick like this then i love it :3

flat alt is definitely the better of the 2 since shes supposed to be flat, too bad since it was an add on here we can only see that image as a tiny version : (

AnserHours responds:

Damn really? I didn't know that. I'll upload the flat version seperately.

if youre not postin the uncensored version anywhere then why bother postin it at all...

Jgxyidtid responds:

I always wonder that same thing everytime i see japanese art.

shoulda at least had a link to where to find the uncensored version...

Jgxyidtid responds:

I should, shouldnt i.


definitely the best of the kankers without question :3

considering this takes place ages before the events of diamond and pearl i somehow doubt that's dawn XD

DankoDeadZone responds:

Oh i know but still, let's leave it there for now.

not stoppin till i put a bun in her over! infertile? wont stop me from tryin over and over and over >:3

with her breasts are those lines stretch marks or veins? either way it's a great touch andi love it :3

WildSwingDing responds:

They're more veins! But thanks!

dont know what the other dudes on about the anatomy is fine.

my only complaint would be is the clit looks like some kinda censorship. idk it could be the solid pink circle over the sketchy lines of the body making it stand out as if its not part of the pic and is instead meant to hide somethin, if that makes sense.

Edit: after takin another look i notice the beads on her arm suffer the same issue

was there supposed to be a clickthrough link on that 'HD / NUDE VER. HERE!!!'? lol

DreamEclipseWolf responds:

its fixed

didnt like newgrounds a while back back everyone deserves a second chance so here we go again bitches

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i wish

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